The Stay Gold 6 Week  Bootcamp Challenge
NOW OPEN! THe PERFECT BOOTCAMP for Anyone wanting to get into awesome shape without the need of weights...in only 45 minutes A DAY...3 times per week! 
  • -Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Look Amazing without spending $1000's on a personal trainer...
  • -Build Incredible Functional Strength...Strength That Actually Counts (and increases quality of life)
  • -Increase Your Mobility And Range Of Motion. Feel young and agile again!
  • -Forget Long, Boring Workouts That Drag On...Get Into Amazing Shape In Only 45 Minutes Per Day...3 Times Per Week...
  •  -Perfect For Beginners
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Spots are VERY LIMITED...and for those who are willing to put in the work...We Only Enroll Those Who Actually Want Amazing Results

What makes the Stay Gold 6 Week Bootcamp Challenge different from other fitness 'programs'?
Ladies and Gentlemen...

By joining my Stay Gold 6 Week Bootcamp Challenge...YOU will have up to 3 workouts a week...with each workout being about 45 minutes in length.
These 45 minutes will be intense, tough and FUN.

But think of it...ONLY 3 times per week for LIFE CHANGING results!


**With YOUR hard work...my guidance...and the support of others in the group... You will crush the next 6 weeks**
Imagine being stronger, leaner and more capable in only 6 Weeks!
Imagine regaining your vitality...stamina...youthful feeling.

Do you want that?

What is holding you back?

My tried and true 60 x 30 workout system means there is no need for weights...or conventional workout methods.

Instead we will rely on our own body weight for key strength and mobility moves.

Each workout will also combine key movements from Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for workouts that are challenging, never boring and of course...FUN!

About Ross Lockie...
Your Stay Gold Coach
I’m also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, gym owner and Fitness Coach with 16 years of experience, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

I have adopted a unique style of timed training that emphasizes body mastery and functionality over that of just muscle gain, or fat loss. Because let's face it, who wants to be big and bulky? Those days are over...


I know your schedule, like mine can be busy; making it at times almost impossible to get a workout in, or to even think of stepping foot in a gym. Especially when trying to balance your duties at home...to your family.

Fear not...

There are solutions to this problem, and signing up for my Stay Gold 6 Week  Bootcamp Challenge will be your sure fire way to answer them.

For The Next 6 Weeks All You Have To Do Is Show Up...

Forget Trying To Figure Out What To Do...The Hard Part Is Taken Care Of.

Each Week Of Stay Gold Bootcamp Challenge Is Different And Constructed To Not Only Be Easy To Understand...But Designed For Maximum Results.
  • Week 1: We Lay the Foundation
  • Week 2: We Build Onto the Foundation...Time for Calorie Burning Muscle Gains
  • Week 3: We Test the Foundation...Even More Muscle...Even More Strength
  • Week 4: Burn Baby Burn...Time to Kick Things Up...Goodbye Fat
  • Week 5: Primal Workouts for Range of Motion and Functional Strength Gains
  • Week 6: Overdrive...Your Final Week...We Go Hard = Crazy Gains
What Happens When The 6 Weeks Is Over?
Three things...

1) You are going to be stronger, leaner...a different person.

You will have experienced amazing results that are only possible through effective coaching, program construction and of course...your hard work.

2) I will be giving you access to my 60 x 30 membership program.

This online resource will provide you with guided workouts and printable guides to further your training. And the best part, they can be done at home!

3) Once you finish your 6 weeks of training, you can either stop, or sign up again. Why? Because you are ahead of the game, able to push yourself even further, even harder.
Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
Dale Carnegie
A Little Extra To Make Sure You Get The Best Results In 6 Weeks
Over $600 Of Extras

Bonus #1: FREE Unlimited 6 Week Gym Pass

1 FREE...6 Week Pass for Unlimited Training at Stay Gold Jiu Jitsu and Fitness Academy.
(Over $225 In Value)

Bonus #2: Weekly Check In Calls

Weekly Group Call in the Zoom Room for Members of the Stay Gold 6 Week Bootcamp Challenge. Here we will take the time to talk about our wins for the week. And I will answer any questions you may have regarding your training to keep you on the path to success.
(Over $100 In Value)

Bonus #3: Priority Messaging and Private Email Access

Have a question? Need a little motivation to get you through the week? Stuck on an aspect of your training? Email, Txt me, call me...We got this.
(Over $100 In Value)

Bonus #4: Access the 60 x 30 Membership Program.

This online resource, created and personally used by Coach Ross, will provide you with guided workouts and printable guides to further your training. The best part? They can be done at home!
(Over $197 In Value)
(Over $600 In Added Value)
All For Only $297 $237
How Does This Work?
How Do I Claim My Limited Spot?
Simply follow the registration buttons on this page. And be among those who decide to take action. For a limited time, registration is on sale for only $237.00

Once signed up, you will get a confirmation email...where you can either txt or call me. During our call, we will discuss your goals for the next 6 weeks and beyond. This helps me better understand your specific needs. I want everyone to succeed!
How Is The Fight Fit Program Structured? 
This Bootcamp is designed to have 3 workouts per week, each being around 45 minutes in length. For the 6 week program, each week is different...ensuring not only are workouts fresh and fun...but keeping your body off guard for maximum results.
Will This Fit My Schedule?
Listen...I understand you're busy. I also understand that life can happen...making it hard to get to class. Maybe even meaning you will miss the odd workout.

How about this? You have multiple time slots to choose from when deciding when best to workout; Monday to Sunday.

Excuses? Not possible...
Is This Program For Me?

Because the Stay Gold Bootcamp Challenge requires someone to use their bodyweight, rather than weights...the risk of injury is far less.

Additionally, each exercise is timed...meaning you go at your pace. Don't worry about what the person next to you is doing...DO YOUR BEST!

Additionally, if there is a movement you can't do...I will modify it for you...that's my job.
Where Do We Train?
Stay Gold Jiu Jitsu and Fitness Academy in Surrey. Located at 15161 Fraser Hwy, Surrey BC

More Questions?
Call or txt: 778-386-7614

Email me: sgjiujitsu@gmail.com.
Are You Ready?
The Stay Gold 6 Week Bootcamp Challenge is intended for ANYONE that wants serious results.

For those who are willing to work with me, and for those who also take accountability for their own actions.

By working together there are no limits to what YOU can achieve.

The results possible will go beyond the next 6 weeks...they are LIFE CHANGING!

-Ross Lockie

YES! I Want To Be Among Those Who Will See Amazing Results...
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Sign Up Now And Pay Only $237!
After That...The Price Goes Up To $297!
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